What Are X-rays?
X-rays, like rays of light, are a form of electromagnetic radiation. They are stronger than light rays and able to pass through objects. Medical imaging uses this property of x-rays to see objects that are inside the body such as bones. The x-rays pass through the body and onto the photo sensitive plate behind producing a picture.

Before your x-rays are taken it is important to remove any metallic materials that you may be wearing. This includes jewelry and any metal zips and clips that may be on your clothing. Thick materials such as denim may also interfere with the x-rays and you may have to remove these items. Gowns are provided for you to change into should you have to remove any clothing.

During the examination the radiographer will guide you into different positions to take the x-rays. They may also ask you to breathe in or out and hold your breath whilst taking the x-rays. It is important to try and follow these instructions as best you possibly can. Moving while trying to take the x-ray may result in having to repeat the x-ray.


Our Features

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  • Experienced Radiologist to read images
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